Stickvise Cupholder Jaws
Aug-11 2017

I spilled coffee on myself two days ago, so I decided to design some cupholder jaws for Stickvise to help me avoid this situation in the future.  Now you too can make your Stickvise into a neat cupholder with this new set of jaws.

New Canadian Distributor!
Mar-14 2017

Stickvise has a new distributor in Canada - They are the largest distributor of Raspberry Pi merchandise in Canada and now they stock Stickvise!

This should be a more cost effective option than ordering from a US distributor for all interested Candians!

Time-lapse video milling PTFE jaws on the Shapeoko
Mar-05 2017

I am using a very inexpensive Shapeoko 3 to produce precision milled PTFE jaws for Stickvise from my basement!

Why don't I have the part molded or machined somewhere else? I project sales of about 200 pairs per year. Molding PTFE is a specialized process because of the very high temperatures, so it would only be warranted at higher volumes or if I could justify a much higher price point. Machining is more typical in this volume range, but outsourcing machining was still too expensive.

To hit the price point I wanted and not commit to large manufacturing runs, I chose to get a machine to make the parts myself. This also meant I could justify having my own CNC at home, which I had wanted for a while.

I'm happy to say the machine is working well and has already paid for itself. Most importantly, I have a new toy that I never would have bought otherwise.



    I love my PTFE jaws -- picked a set up from Adafruit late last year and they have been absolutely rock-solid. Also swapped the M3 screws out for brass. Now my vise is fancy.

      Alex Rich

      Cool, thanks for sharing!  I wondered how the held up over time, PTFE is fairly soft so it will dent even if it doesn't melt.  Brass screws is a cool idea, I like it!


        No issues with denting or wear so far and I'm not particularly careful. Most of the damage on the original jaws came from a soldering iron or a blast from the hot air gun, so PTFE is an ideal upgrade.

    AVR (lordKiCAD)

    let me know if you need beta testers for the jaws, my stickvises are all melted lol 

    Raspberry Pi Zero Jaws by bfesser
    Dec-23 2016

    Check these out!

    This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind for Stickvise - mod and hack to make custom fixtures for holding PCBs. These are a cool set of jaws by @bfesser that not only hold two RasPi zeros, but you can flip them around and hold any size PCB. There is actually a dual and a single jaw set available. Enjoy pics below, if interested in 3d printing these, head over to thingiverse to download.



      Wow, Alex!  Thank you very much for the mention. :)

      I couldn't find anything on your pages regarding licensing for your STLs and OpenSCAD code, so for my designs I've chosen a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication from the options available on Thingiverse.  I hope this matches your original intent, please let me know if you prefer another.

      Hack the Planet!

        Alex Rich

        No problem, thanks for sharing your design.  I don't have any legalese for my OpenSCAD code, your license sounds fine.  Cheers!

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