How it works

PartLift holds thru hole parts in place to free up your hands while you solder the legs. A simple but useful tool to go along with your Stickvise. The base pad is non-slip silicone foam, the body of the tool is ABS which provides very light spring tension to hold your part in place. The tip of the tool is made from high temperature silicone that withstands soldering temperatures without being damaged.

PartLift demonstration graphic

PartLift can compress to any height to support parts of different sizes.

PartLift Photo

PartLift has a high temperature silicone tip and a silicone pad on the bottom for grip.

PartLift demonstration

Use it to hold small parts in place that would normally fall out.

PartLift demonstration

Here you can see PartLift holding a small socket strip in place.

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