Low profile jaws (standard) Download STL

These are the standard, low profile jaws that come with Stickvise. 3D print these to have as a backup in case you sink a soldering iron into your stock jaws.

Low profile jaws

Medium jaws Download STL

These are 1/4" taller than the standard jaws, allowing more room for taller components on the bottom of the board.

Medium height jaws

Tall jaws Download STL

These are 1/2" taller than the standard jaws, for applications where you need a lot of clearance under the PCB.

Tall jaws

Interlocking Jaws Download Interlocking Jaw

These are the most versatile jaws you can print, they collapse past each other so they can hold a variety of cylindrical objects from a tiny wire to a large 1" diameter motor. They will also hold a PCB. You will need to print two of these jaw plates, they are identical.

Interlocking V
Interlocking V
Interlocking V
Interlocking V
Interlocking V
Interlocking V

Grooved jaws Download STL

These jaws have grooves for those times when you have wires running from the bottom of the board. You can also quickly cut/clip away the material between grooves to make room for things that hang off the board edge.

Grooved jaws
Grooved jaws

Helping Hand Jaws

This is a fully 3D printable helping hand system. The ball and socket linkages each have a twist lock nut that prevents separation of the joint. This setup is great for soldering wires to a PCB or for soldering two wires together. To make one arm, print 16 main bodies, 17 twist lock nuts, and one clip holder. The clip holder works with a standard banana jack alligator clip, tested with Mouser part number 835-501784. To attach the alligator clip just wrap its banana jack with a single turn of electrical tape, then press into the clip holder.

LED Light

A 3D printable LED light attachment for the gooseneck system above. The LED is a high quality module from Adafruit (Adafruit 518) that runs off of a 9V battery. The battery is connected using a simple clip (Adafruit 80) and turns on and off using a slider switch (E-Switch 500SDP1S1M2REA). The switch can be attached with screws or just hot glued in place. The housing is screwed together using #4-40 or M3 screws. You will need to do some wiring and add a 22 Ohm series resistor to limit the LED current at 250 mA. The resistor will be handling 1.4 Watts, so you'll probably need to parallel resistors to distribute some of that power. You can use three 66 Ohm, 0.5 Watt resistors in parallel, or six 132 Ohm, 0.25 Watt resistors in parallel to ensure you stay within spec of the resistor wattage.

Example LED Light
Example LED Light

Vertical V jaws Download STL

These jaws have vertical v-grooves which allows you to hold cylindrical objects. Great for soldering round connectors.

V jaws
V jaws drawing

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