Raspberry Pi Zero Jaws by bfesser
Dec-22 2016

Check these out!

This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind for Stickvise - mod and hack to make custom fixtures for holding PCBs. These are a cool set of jaws by @bfesser that not only hold two RasPi zeros, but you can flip them around and hold any size PCB. There is actually a dual and a single jaw set available. Enjoy pics below, if interested in 3d printing these, head over to thingiverse to download.




    Wow, Alex!  Thank you very much for the mention. :)

    I couldn't find anything on your pages regarding licensing for your STLs and OpenSCAD code, so for my designs I've chosen a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication from the options available on Thingiverse.  I hope this matches your original intent, please let me know if you prefer another.

    Hack the Planet!

      Alex Rich

      No problem, thanks for sharing your design.  I don't have any legalese for my OpenSCAD code, your license sounds fine.  Cheers!

    New Stickvise distributor: Adafruit
    Sep-11 2016

    After over a year of selling through the Hackaday Store I have expanded to add a new distributor - Adafruit!


    Super excited to expand the Stickvise audience, Adafruit is a really cool company. They did an amazing job on photographing Stickvise, check out some of the shots they took! Better than any I have taken for sure. Also on the Adafruit product page you can see a great video of Limor and Phil talking about it a little bit.


    Ben Heck Show Stickvise sighting!
    Jul-10 2016

    I sent Ben Heck a Stickvise a couple months ago, I thought it was a long shot to even get a response but I wanted to at least give it a try. You have to put yourself in his shoes, he probably gets tons of unsolicited crap shipped to him every week that people hope will make it into one of his videos. It turns out he was really nice, even sent me a thank you email when it arrived and told me that he was using it a few minutes after it arrived. Very cool of him to do that.

    I noticed in the show's latest video (covering the completion of his Hackmanji game) that Stickvise was on his bench in the background the whole time. Not sure what he's holding in the vise but it's an honor to see it being used!

    I sent his Stickvise out with a customized "Ben Heck Show" PCB, I thought it looked pretty cool:

    Here is the episode

    Replacement Jaws
    Apr-23 2016

    On Monday I'm shipping out Stickvise replacement jaws to the Hackaday Store! They should be available in the next week or so. For those who have damaged their jaws and want some spares, check them out. For starters there will be two options: standard nylon and high temperature PTFE




      I would like to know if you could provide any information about the stickvise device and the holder materials and their ESD compliance?

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